Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mission of Cambodia Education Organization (CEO)

  • CEO really encourages students to avoid drinking, gambling,
    smoking both on and off the property of the CEO facility and especially when out in any public areas.
  • Assist students to build relationships with US students through
    correspondence and expose the students to higher technology education.
  • Help students in the district learn English and computer skills.
  • Practice self-discipline in school attendance and in study habits.
  • Teach youths to understand good advice, and to stay out of
  • Build new libraries for general public education.
  • Furnish teachers and students with school supplies, computers
    and textbooks used to study English and learn computer skills.
  • Provide meals before school, personal hygiene supplies, and
    basic medicine to students.
  • Offer humanitarian assistance to elderly, handicapped, widows,
    orphans, and malnourished infants.
  • Help people who face difficult situations who lack food or health
  • Explain to parents the importance of improved hygiene in the
    family and advise them how to take care of their health.

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